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Have you just lost all your contacts with your loved ones and acquaintances? Have all facets of your life just diminished because your cell phone’s life has gone into comma? If your answer is yes on both the occasions then your first step to saving your dying cell phone is to visit Cheap Cell phone Repairs. It is a renowned organization that focuses on setting new trends in the mobile industry by imparting second life to your gadget, in case it damages due to some reason. We bring together certified technicians who provide fast and reliable mobile repair services at affordable price rates.

We at Cheap Cell Phone Repairs started our journey with an objective to serve customers with cost-effective, fast and reliable cell phone repair services. Starting from diagnosing and repair to unlocking, our in-house technicians offer comprehensive repairing solutions, all under one roof. We involve advanced software and equipment while providing our data transfer and unlocking services. So, why invest money on new phones when you can get your phone repaired at reasonable and economical price rates.




We Specialize in !


Screen Damage

Get rid of cracked, black or white screens with our affordable screen repair services.


Unlock Phone

We involve advanced software and equipments to help you unlock your cell phone.


Physical Damage

We repair physical damages of the cell phone that happens due to mishandling or accidents.


Data Transfer

We take care of all the data transfer issues associated with your cell phone and restrict data loss.


Water Damage

Our certified experts are competent enough to repair water damage issues of cell phones.


Software Issues

We repair several software issues like missing features, frozen phones, software update and many more.


  Our Service Range


Cell Phone Unlock


We unlock GSM cell phones in order to make it easy for you to use your phone with different carriers while travelling abroad.

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Cell Phone Services


Our reasonably priced and reliable cell phone services include data transfer, data backup, software updates and data restore.

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Cell Phone Repair



We bring together a competent team of certified technicians who make every effort to fix any issue with your cell phone.

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